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Have you been under the radar of your prospective recruiters so far

Many job-seekers complain that they have all the required qualifications, still recruiters don't call them for an interview. Well, this is a classic case of your CV not projecting you as an employable candidate. Your CV is the very first line of communication between you and your prospective employer. You should try to make the most of this opportunity. Let us assess your profile and CV and give you the pointers on how to improve and enhance them.

Sharpen your skills with us

You feel your performance in interviews is not up to your satisfaction. Interact with our experts who have been interviewing candidates for industry and academia for years. Hone your skills with them before appearing for your next interview.

connect directly with company HR and recruiters in your field, job description and suitability

Let us help you close the deal

Sometimes all is missing between you and a great job is how you liaise with recruiters. There are number of job portals and social networking sites that you might know of but connecting with the right people only can land you a job. Let us train you on liaising through personals from the industry and academia. We don't want you to loose precious time  looking for industrial contacts and such, we will help you get right to the point.