Budding Entrepreneurs

Get help from industry professionals on your startup and connect with other entrepreneurs near you

You want to be the job creator not seeker. Good! But things start to look intimidating when you crunch the numbers, look at the process of incorporating a company or developing a web-page etc. Well.....Good News is it happens with every budding entrepreneur. The most important thing is to have a winning idea and a focused audience to listen to your idea.  We can assure you that you have landed at the right place, we will facilitate the interaction between you and your prospective collaborator, investor or business partner and help you at every step of the way from conception of the business idea to the creation of a running business entity. Even better....you don't have to travel far from your home we will bring all your business collaborators right to you in your own city.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Website or app development for your existing business or need place to advertise your business

You have gone through the arduous process of  starting a new business and made it to a successfully running business. But the changing times come with newer challenges and might be working against your expansion plans. Whether the challenge you are posed with is about securing an investment for expansion or looking for an idea about how to restructure your current business, or may be looking to get into any other business area. We can put you on the right platform where you can interact with like minded business people in your own city and set your plans in action.


Invest in businesses in your city and outside

 You  might have thought of getting in to a business but not sure if you have  the right resources to run it on your own. Well....here's an option  INVEST in someone's promising idea. You can join a business to grow your  money, garner experience to run your own business later or contribute  towards an exciting business idea. Whatever your interest may be in  being an investor, you ought to have multiple options to look at and  decide before investing in any business.

Become an investor in promising business ventures in your city

Invest,  collaborate, and partner in upcoming or established businesses in your  own city. We are here to make the job easy for you. We provide you an  opportunity to discuss the business model, investment models, business  prospects etc with business owners or budding entrepreneurs in very  focused face to face meetings and help you make the right investment  decision.