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Who We Are

We are a group of experts from industry and academia with several years of experience in conceiving and managing projects in new product and process development, nutraceuticals, microbial fermentation, biofuels, treatment of industrial and agricultural effluents, treatment of municipal wastewater and solid wastes, beneficial use of waste feedstock, nutrient remediation and recycling  etc.

What We Do

We engage with the clients on one to one basis to understand their specific needs and provide tailor made solutions to fulfill their objectives. We have a unique mix of scientists and engineers on our network who contribute towards the completion of project at different stages. Depending on project requirement we help with project conception, proposal writing as well as developing proof of concept at the bench scale. As the project starts to take shape we help the clients with the techno-economic analysis and development of business plan so as to enable them make a prudent decision on project's commercial viability.

As entrepreneurs ourselves we are most interested in innovative and unconventional R&D. We are continuously in the process of collaborating with research institutes and industry to develop products and processes through out of the box thinking. We welcome inquires from biotechno-crats to get in touch with us and find out how we can partner on such projects.

Service Areas


Nutraceuticals such as vitamins, amino acids, pigments, PUFA's have great demand not only in our country but across the globe. These products are derived from different microbial or plant sources that require special growth conditions and extraction protocols. Our team's experience with several such products at an industrial scale is really helpful to our clients who want to explore the technical feasibility and economic viability of their nutraceutical projects. 

Wastewater and Effluent Treatment

We have developed complete engineering packages for treatment of wastewater and recalcitrant effluents from various different industries. Although these packages have all the information you need to set up a treatment plant at a facility, we customize them to serve specific needs of our clients.


We have practical approach to biofuels, our projections of scaled up system give you realistic picture of how a biofuels plant at that scale would look like. We also suggest the alternative ways of integrating your biofuels project with an existing technology or market to make it more profitable. 

Digestion and Composting

Although anaerobic digestion and composting are very popular and cheap ways of handing solid and semi-solid wastes but the scaled-down version (to handle wastes from small units)  of theses processes are not very efficient. We have developed these processes to efficiently handle small to large volume of wastes from households, restaurants, small scale industry etc.

Customized Microbial Processes

If you have isolated a strain or developed a new microbial process and want to scale it up, we can help you with gradual scale-up of your process. We can also help you find/build right set of bioreactors, sensors, and process-control programs for the specific needs of your project.

Downstream Process Development

Be it isolation or purification of certain metabolite or disruption of microbial cell wall to extract any intracellular product. Our team of engineers are well versed in both chemical and physical downstreaming. We are always looking forward to new challenges in downstream processing. 

Our Partners and Collaborators

Scientists and Technocrats from Industry

These are our first line contact with the clients. Our personnel from industry have hands on experience in project planning and execution, and are fully capable of understanding specific needs of our clients from different areas of biotechnology. 

Researchers from Academia

Most of the proposal writing and bench scale experimentation in a project are carried out by our research collaborators in academia. Our partners from academia also help us with literature search, research paper publication, market surveys and preparation of project reports etc.

Advisors and Mentors

Even after meticulous planning and execution we might miss a piece of information that could negatively impact our results and overall analysis of the project. To avoid such a scenario we run all our projects through our esteemed advisors and mentors who are veterans from the industry and academia with decades of project management experience in biotech industry.

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