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Algae are microscopic plants that have multiple uses in our life. Certain species of algae are well known for their incredible ability to store metabolites of nutraceutical nature inside their cells. Algal cultivation is also used for treatment of various industrial effluents, and agricultural and domestic wastewater. Besides nutraceuticals algal biomass is also harvested for a variety of intracellular products such as lipids for biodiesel, protein for animal and fish feed supplement etc. Residual algal biomass left after primary product extraction is used as organic fertilizer or anaerobically digested with other digestible biomass to increase the overall efficiency of the process.

Consultancy Services in Algae

Spirulina Cultivation

Spirulina is grown around the world for its high protein content or other nutraceutical products such as phycocyanin. We have designed modular Spirulina cultivation systems to suit different geographical locations and process scales. Our cultivation systems can be used for small scale (5000-10000L) as well as large scale (>100000L) operations. We can also customize the cultivation system according to your specific project requirements.

Algal Process Development for High Value Metabolites

Different algal strains are grown in specially designed bioreactors to derive various high value products from the biomas. These products include pigments (astaxanthan, zeaxanthan, lutein), PUFAs (EPA and DHA), and other bioactive metabolites with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral or anti-microbial properties etc. These high value products require special cultivation systems and biomass handling techniques. We have experts from nutraceutical industries on our team who consult and provide technical inputs to the clients interested in algal process development for commercial production of high value products. 

Lab and Bench Scale Research in Algal Technology

We are professionals with several years experience in algal research If you have an novel research plan and want to test it out at lab or bench scale. We can help you generate proof of concept for your idea by designing the experiments, critically analyzing your data and developing the project report. We will also help you in determining the technical and economic feasibility of your idea.

Consultancy Services in Algae Derived Product Quality Assurance and Formulation

Algal products meant for nutraceuticals or animal, chicken or aqua feed formulation must undergo strictly quality testing and get approved by different government agencies. We have experience in new product development and certification. Our consultancy services in algae derived product quality assurance simplifies the process of new algal product development and commercialization by guiding the client all the way from biomass generation to product extraction and storage as per the regulations laid down by different  governing bodies.

Algal Process Development for Effluent and Wastewater Treatment

One of the most useful applications of  of algae is in treatment of domestic or municipal wastewater and industrial or agricultural effluents. However, such treatment processes are highly sensitive and are prone to operational failures if not implemented and executed properly. There are a number of local factors that can adversely impact treatment of effluents or wastewater through algae and result in the shutdown at the  treatment site. We have developed process models that are highly analytical and take in to account many more environmental factors in to account than a conventional treatment process. This makes our process models highly sustainable in different environmental conditions.

Customized Solution for Biomass harvesting, Cell Disruption and Product Extraction

As algal biotechnology is still an evolving field of science. Every once in a while there comes along a challenging issue in biomass harvesting, cell disruption or product extraction, which needs to solved using in-depth interdisciplinary understanding of different processes involved in an algal product and process development . As algae-preneurs ourselves, we are always looking for new challenges and we will be happy to associate with you to find solutions of such challenges in algal biotechnology

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