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    "Entrepreneurs, Students, and Job-seekers"

    Looking for innovative ideas for a startup/business expansion or help in educational and professional career development! 

    Our Team

    We are a group of educationists and professionals from multiple industrial sectors hailing from different parts of the country. Our group has a great mix of young and experienced people with  entrepreneurship and out of the box thinking at their core.   

    Experience hand-holding at every step of your new venture

    Entrepreneur in you

    For years you have kept an idea to yourself thinking if it's worth pursuing. Now it's time you let the entrepreneur in you come out  in this world of tremendous opportunities. We will provide you the platform where your idea or business plan will be heard by prospective investors, collaborators, and partners in your own city.  We want to provide you all the help needed in the generation of an idea till it's incorporation in a business or a company.

    Graduating Students

    Graduation brings both-  a sense of accomplishment and worry about the future. If you have in indecision on whether to continue with your studies in India or explore other opportunities (including the ones abroad)........you are in the same boat as many of your fellow batch mates. Let us help you by providing the detailed information on different options available within the country and abroad. We will assist you in making the right choice.

    Job-seekers with professional degree

    Even after graduating with a professional degree of your choice you are finding it difficult to land a good job? You might be lacking just a few key components in your profile or personality that are keeping you under the radar of your prospective employers or not letting you close a deal in an interview . We can help you identify those short-comings and improve your overall profile and personality to make you more employable in the industry of your choice.

    LetsIdeate Biotech

    LetsIdeate Services in Biotechnology

    Biotech is one of our core areas of expertise. LetsIdeate Biotech is exclusively designed to help entrepreneurs and professionals in Biotech Industry. We  have industry experts and academic researchers from different parts of  the country on our network to cater to specific needs of our clients in  biotech sector. Please take time to visit our webpage dedicated to biotechnology. 

    LetsIdeate Services in Algal Product and Process Development

    Several of our founding partners have spent years in industry and academia in developing algae based nutraceutical and health products. We also have decades of industrial experience in algal process development for various applications. Please visit our webpage to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you in your algaepreneurial endeavours. 

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    Get the most customized help in your entrepreneurship venture or your career development pursuit

    Whether your objective is to meet collaborators and investors for your new startup or existing business. Or as student or job-seeker looking for help in your quest for higher studies (in India or abroad) or landing a dream job. You can get all the needed help on our network. So set your plans in action by doing the most important thing first. Download and fill up our registration form and submit it online as an email attachment to our email id i.e.               


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